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Digital Communication

Arena Channel

Our offer

The activation service is based on that your customer’s device detects that the free Wi-Fi network Arena Channel is available in the area. When the user connects, you – as the owner of the “arena” – will have the opportunity to push out messages, information and advertising directly to your visitor’s phone. A simple installation without any large investment costs.
You have the arena, we have the channel – together we reach the customers.

Why hire us?

You are searching for ways to enable your customers and guests and to monitor the effects of their activities. You want to offer your target audience fast, accurate information and also be able to use the channel for information or advertising from various partners that want to reach out with their message to your customers.

Application areas

– Shopping centre/Marketplace

With stores etc that want to reach out with offers to those who are in the shopping centre or in the marketplace.

– Arena

Be able to send information and advertising to all who visit an arena – sports, music and more.

– School

Have it as an intranet for all who reside in the school area.

– Store

If you wish to register and track visitors with statistics and follow ups.

– Restaurant street

Reach visitors and get them to choose your restaurant.

– Exhibition area

Where an exhibitor wants to get people to come and visit their booth.

Example of application

At an arena, store or something similar we connect Arena Channel to a usually existing network and expand it as needed with wireless transmission (no new wiring, etc.). We connect the software Arena Channel and now you as a customer can freely schedule videos, images, messages, important information and advertising that goes directly to the user’s phones or tablet. Everything is done in the system Arena Channel, which is very easy to manage and add new info to – either scheduled or direct push in real time.


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