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IT Solutions

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We obtain the status of your current IT environment. You describe your expectations and your experiences of the environment to us. We explain to you what we believe to be good IT standards and propose measures with appropriate tools. All in order to harness the full potential of systematic IT work and an optimal IT performance.

Why hire us?

By acting with great commitment and interest, we are attentive to your most important needs in your computer use. With great technical competence we translate this to an IT environment that smooths your digital interactions both internally and externally.


– LM Total Care

LM Total Care is our tool for operating and maintaining your IT environment. With this we monitor and alarm manage your equipment and can perform the necessary measures. LM Total Care keeps track of the entire chain, which means that we can quickly define and fix any errors. For you as a customer, we help you no matter where you are and can correct local faults when needed. We execute actions both automatically and manually. All so that you can use your IT tools with optimal performance and availability.

– Cloud Analysis

With a Cloud Analysis we review your business to ensure the best possible distribution between local storage and cloud storage. We review your current work situation and you describe to us your impending plans of development. Based on this analysis, we propose how the storage should be managed in future.

– Our Standard

In many cases, the “standard” of the IT equipment that is sold to the consumer is not suited for work environment and therefore often causes frustration when for example the network feels slow or the computer takes a long time to start. “Our Standard” means that we, based on your wishes, produce documentation for designing firewall, network, Wi-Fi, computers and other components, so that the time to “sit and wait for the paint to dry” is minimized. A single component may appear to provide the expected performance, but combined with the remaining appliances in the network or the computer it could instead become a stumbling block. Our recommendation to increase productivity is to regard the entire IT environment from incoming Internet service to the keyboard by the computer.

– LM Online Backup

At a time when your company’s data is more mobile than ever, it is important to always ensure there are backups of all individual computers. The most important data is usually what you last worked with. We therefore use an online backup service that enables backing up directly from the PC / Mac / Linux to our own hosted server when the computer is connected to the Internet. To this service, you can also connect different local backup copies that can be used for a possible re-reading of data. All the files you are working on are saved in different versions, which means that you can always get back to the exact version you need.


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